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Why Choose Cortell’s Intelligent Business Solutions?

Cortell’s expert financial and software consultants work with our clients to improve decision-making processes within their businesses. 

About Cortell Intelligent Business Solutions
Cortell’s consultants offer you the skills, technologies, and practices for continuous iterative exploration of past business performance, to gain insight and drive business planning.

The quarterly processes to reconcile, translate, eliminate, consolidate and report financial information is critical. Let Cortell assist you in streamlining your process.
With non-financial information included with various financial reports, you gain a broad picture of your company’s business, market-position, strategy, performance, and future prospects.

Get greater flexibility and customised solutions for financial and operational performance management:

IBM Business Analytics software integrates fully with your ERP systems.

Cortell is an IBM Gold-Level Partner 

Cortell is an IBM Gold-Level Business Partner providing BI Solutions

Cover all your bases in Financial and Operational Performance Management

What We Offer

Too many budget iterations & complicated spreadsheets?

Reduce time on your budgeting process by up to 70%