Cortell brings you expert consultancy and solutions for all augmented intelligence applications and financial compliance.

Cortell Intelligent Business Solutions works with our clients to improve the decision-making processes which inform and support their management teams and other key stakeholders.

We bring together technology; specialist software applications from IBM and other selected vendors; proven practice; and a broad range of financial and business skills to optimise the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and database investments.

Our Solutions

Smart business solutions from Cortell in partnership with IBM, Certent, and Automation Anywhere

Get greater flexibility and customised solutions for financial and operational performance management:

IBM Business Analytics software integrates fully with your ERP systems.

Cortell is an IBM Gold-Level Partner 

Automation Anywhere

Enjoy a full range of RPA potential with Cortell and Automation Anywhere.

This technology allows you to build an enterprise digital workforce with RPA, AI, and Analytics in a complete Robotics Process Automation platform.

XBRL, IFRS-16 and other disclosure management functions are expertly managed by the Certent tools. What used to be Cognos Disclosure Management now flies under its own banner.

Blend numbers with narrative, guarantee reporting compliance, and simplify your monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting process.

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