Cortell is a leading Business Performance Management consulting firm in South Africa, offering specialist, software-based business solutions to a variety of clients ranging from listed companies to SMMEs.

Hi-end Consulting
Cortell utilises an Exclusive Methodology helping our clients become more efficient.
We DO NOT believe in a “One-Size-Fits-All” solution, Cortell will tailor the best possible solution for you and your business
Serving Listed & SMME's
Cortell serves a multitude of industries. From Aviation, Banking, Petroleum, Insurance to Retail.
Active 20+ Years
Cortell is viewed as a trusted advisor with over 20 years active in the Business intelligence industry. We use the knowledge we have gained to assist you increase Return On Investment & avoid costly errors.

Death To Spreadsheets
Still using the ancient form of excel spreadsheets? It goes without saying that this form of budgeting & forecasting is out of prone to costly mistakes. Our solution completely eliminates the human error element and replaces it with authoritative feedback.

Intuitive & User-friendly Interface
”The office of finance can use this WITHOUT dependance on IT”
You (client) do not need to have a lot of technical experience/knowledge to use it effectively
Market Leading Software
products have an exceptional reputation globally. An integrated solution

We’re a business consulting firm specialising in building and implementing financial performance management solutions for medium to large organisations.

We identify your organisation’s problems and build the solutions that help you execute your strategy like never before.

We use IBM’s world-class suite of specialist performance management and business intelligence tools, and our own dedicated technical and business analysts.

White Paper: How Cortell Can Help Financial Services Firms Automate and Innovate

Financial services businesses are faced with an increasingly competitive environment, where automation of business processes can simplify workflow and empower staff in the decision-making and innovation processes, which go hand-in-hand with increased efficiency and ultimately increased profits.

Learn more about the challenges in the financial services industry, and how Cortell can help organisations adapt, enhance and grow through specialist Business Performance Management tools.

We understand that our clients have established processes unique to their outcomes and have a wealth of experience suited to improving management processes – often the responsibility of the office of finance.  We thus work with our clients to refine and shape management processes to help their organisations define and execute their strategies and measure and monitor performance, as well as implement systems for operational reporting, driver-based planning, budgeting and forecasting, and integrated financial reporting.

We share our integral knowledge and experience of financial and operational data management, business intelligence, process modelling, internal performance reporting, and external statutory and stakeholder reporting.  We deploy an innovative and integrated software suite to customise strategic solutions in accordance with our clients’ performance objectives, which gives our clients the ability to exploit relevant performance information and act on insights gained.

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Tailored Business Performance Management

A number of survey studies have determined that organisations with integrated Business Performance Management systems perform better than their competitors.  Benefits include increased profits and return on assets to improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Cortell’s consulting service offering is not a generic model, nor is it aimed at overturning existing processes.  Instead, each solution is custom designed for our individual clients, based on the established or desired business model.  In the establishment of our solutions, we define strategic objectives, measure and analyse performance, report on performance, and review that performance.  Instead of a limited solution, Cortell provides advanced solutions which, aside from improving performance in the short-term, allow our clients to identify ways in which to improve performance in the future.

Many current performance management practices devote too much time to the accumulation of data and too little time to its analysis.  Cortell is more concerned with using analysis for the establishment of truly effective performance management.  The result is a more agile, intuitive and effective process that is aimed at providing a significant return on investment.

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Too many budget iterations & complicated spreadsheets?

Reduce your budgeting process by up to 70%