Financial results, reported via statutory and stakeholder reporting, are important for a company’s existing and potential investors, but there are many other operational issues which contribute to the success of the organisation which will not be revealed by these reports.

The platform for internal reporting to operating management and to the board of directors is best established by the performance management cycle of planning, budgeting, monitoring, analysing and forecasting disciplines.  Management reports must highlight progress against the ever-changing objectives in support of the changing strategy and key drivers identified in this performance management cycle.

Management reports need to answer the questions of what operational factors are driving the business’s performance from time to time.

Expert Management Reporting

Cortell’s management reporting solutions are comprised of a formidable combination of experienced professionals and specialist financial software in order to streamline the reporting process.  Given that this discipline is arguably free of established modes and ratios, our progressive approach allows the creative analysis and reporting of companies’ current operational norms.

Cortell tailors its clients’ management reporting solutions to answer the questions regarding which operational factors are driving the business’s performance, all with a view to both the simplification and streamlining of that performance.

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