Important Considerations for the Most Beneficial Deployment of Specialist Financial Reporting Software

The reporting process as defined by the International Financial Reporting Standards regime is certainly a challenging one. Organisations must, for a start, attempt to cope with frequent changes or amendments to the IFRS, which tend to be introduced in large volumes. Moreover, this requires organisations’ reporting procedures to be continually updated in order to comply […]

A Broad Look at Performance Management

We live in a world where performance is a key measurement to daily living. It has become ingrained in every action that we take: “Is this the optimum route to my destination?”, “Can I become more effective with daily tasks?”, “How can I utilise my time more efficiently to meet those deadlines?” Performance management is […]

The Problems with Current Budgeting and Forecasting Cycles

The stress of budgeting and forecasting cycles is always felt greatly by finance professionals, whose workload seems far greater than their time allowance.  This is largely thanks to outdated methods that centre on manual input and mundane repetitions, as well as encompass a great deal of unimportant tasks. Harvard Business Review recently published a report […]

The Truth behind Workplace Automation

While certain types of automation – such as Google’s driverless cars and Knightscope’s robotic security guards – may exist only in prototype formats, workplace automation is very real, and in widespread use.  Key-card readers have replaced doormen and automated ticket machines have replaced parking attendants.  Despite the rising global population, the cost-to-benefit ratio of automated […]

Commentary: Strategic CPM as a Driver for Organizational Performance Management

Although the majority of live corporate performance management (CPM) implementations today primarily address the tactical needs of the office of finance, the combination of cloud, mobile, social and information (including in memory) computing forces is enabling new strategic CPM capabilities.

IBM® Cognos® Analysis for Microsoft Excel (Café)

IBM® Cognos® Analysis for Microsoft Excel brings the benefits of modern enterprise performance management to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

It provides a way for business analysts, financial analysts, line-of-business managers, and users on the front line to pull data from a variety of sources, including IBM Cognos TM1® and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, and perform data analysis in a familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment.

Half of CFOs Lack Real-time Data for Key Decisions

Nearly half (46%) of CFOs rely on “gut feel” and instinct to make business decisions in lieu of fast access to accurate internal data, a practice that can delay decision making, introduce errors and erode profitability, according to a new study from Redshift Research commissioned by Epicor Software, writes Bob Violino at

Commentary: Budget Iterations

Mary C. Driscoll on discusses their Metric of the Month: Budget Iterations.

In an ideal world, the budgeting process would be fast and painless. But for many division heads, finance teams, and CFOs who see the same spreadsheets crossing their desks over and over, it is an exercise in frustration.