XBRL: The Barcode of Financial Reporting.

South African businesses know that the reporting formats for the CIPC are changing, and with this change, other regulatory bodies will be following suit. We’ve discussed the reasons that the CIPC has made the move, and the CDM / XBRL implementation that gives you in-house, automated control of your reports.   Now, we outline the […]

Real-Life FPM: The Cost vs. Benefit Checklist

We know that manual or incorrectly calibrated financial processes eat your time, and we know that an integrated and consistent reporting structure can help you to optimise your finance department’s use of their workday (and nights, in some cases). However, no matter how much we sell the solution’s benefits, the decision can only be made once […]

Real-Life FPM: The Financial Performance Management Roll-Out

How is the financial performance management implementation done? Knowing exactly what the implementation of FPM in your business entails, how it is implemented, and what changes you can expect to see in your organisation once the solution goes live will give you a better understanding of how you can prepare your organisation for the change. […]