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Improve your Process with Constant Innovation and Rock Solid Business Data.

To maintain your output in the age of constant and fluid innovation, you need to be able to rely on your business data. Often, when our financial teams focus on the bottom line and overall profit of our business without analytics or modelling capabilities, we do not have the numbers on our side How do [...]

Changing the BI Game with Intelligent Business Solutions

A great number of seminars, workshops, and learning sessions around the world focus on the improvement of business with intelligent business solutions, aimed at becoming an industry leader. Hear how our clients are changing the game in their industries. Where did they see opportunity? What challenges did they overcome? What winning play is giving them [...]

BI retrospection at Cortell’s 2017 Client and Partner Gathering

Cortell cordially invites our BI clients and partners to our 2017 year-end gathering. We’ve had an extremely productive year, and would like to thank you for taking the opportunity to grow your BI with Cortell. With so many new demands and opportunities in the BI performance management and financial reporting space, we’re looking toward 2018 […]

Straightforward BI: Key Points to Note When You Take the Wheel

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are becoming more and more critical to business in South Africa, especially when focusing on the alignment and optimisation of your business, strategy, and operational processes to support your objectives.     It is important to find a BI partner who can give you a turnkey solution for your financial and […]

Real-Life FPM: Your Staff, Automation, and Efficiency

Accidents happen. If you’re working with a manual financial reporting system, with little to no automation, they tend to happen a little more often.   We call this human error, and it happens for a number of reasons: Multiple editors of reports, and too much constant churn of information Incorrect source data and insufficient checks […]