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Disclosure Management and Your Finance Team: The Benefits.

Cortell’s range of Financial Performance Management solutions gives you an integrated view of your financial processes and systems. Our IBM software solutions provide the base for additions like Certent CDM, which integrates seamlessly into your primary solution for additional benefit.   With the Advent of XBRL Financial Reporting Requirements in South Africa, a disclosure management […]

XBRL, the CIPC, and Business Reporting in SA: What’s Happening?

XBRL, the CIPC, and your BusinessMaking the reporting standardisation work for you On 1 Feb 2018, Accountancy SA published an article on the impending XBRL move that clearly outlined the reasoning and benefits of a standardised XBRL reporting format. Read it here: ANALYSIS: Digital Financial Reporting For XBRL In short, digital financial reporting is changing [...]