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Hear how our clients are changing the game in their industries.

Where did they see opportunity? What challenges did they overcome? What winning play is giving them the edge? How did they prepare the team? How do they stay ahead?

IBM Event: Winning with AI, September 2018

Perhaps, in such a competitive market, you feel that innovation is something you cannot afford to engage in while you focus on just keeping up. Cortell asks “Why not both?”.


When you have the right tools at your disposal, and your finance team is working in sync with the rest of your business and driving at the same goals, your ability to engage against your competitors is quite suddenly increased.


Start taking on the competition.


Start with an integrated system that gives you insights, planning analytics, budgeting, forecasting, and management abilities. The tools you should be looking at help you by:

  • Making your data simple and accessible
  • Creating a trusted analytics foundation
  • Scaling your insights on demand



How can we help?


Cortell works with your organisation to improve your decision-making processes which inform and support your management teams and other key stakeholders. 


  • We agree to specific and measurable objectives to enable the flow of pertinent information and analytics to key decision makers within the organisation.
  • We bring together technology; specialist software applications from IBM; proven practice; and a broad range of financial and business skills.
  • We optimise the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and database investments.


To discuss a solution that boosts your corporate IQ and equips your finance team with the knowledge and tools they need to make better decisions, contact Cortell.

We are an IBM Gold-Level Business Partner, and we offer a suite of complementary and integrated solutions:

  • IBM Planning Analytics
  • IBM Cognos Controller
  • IBM Cognos Analytics

Get an intelligent Planning Analytics solution for your organisation

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Cortell is an IBM Gold-Level Business Partner providing BI Solutions

We’re a specialist consultancy with IBM Gold Partner status, that implements BI solutions and Performance management Systems to improve agility, accuracy, speed, and predictability in your business reporting, planning, and forecasting.