Gartner have an article on Strategic CPM as a Driver for Organizational Performance Management.

They write:

Although the majority of live corporate performance management (CPM) implementations today primarily address the tactical needs of the office of finance, the combination of cloud, mobile, social and information (including in memory) computing forces is enabling new strategic CPM capabilities. Users both in and outside of the finance department are expecting the same usability, collaboration and functional diversity they’re enjoying with other consumer applications. CPM suites have been advancing through the adoption of these nexus forces of computing. In particular, in-memory computing (IMC) and cloud along with improved usability, analytics and collaboration further empower enterprises to adopt a broader, more integrated approach to performance management (PM). These new technologies are providing substantial opportunities to link strategic CPM to broader performance management initiatives.

This is an excellent article which gives support and credibility to the value proposition Cortell works to deliver to all of our clients through our business performance management software and solutions. The existing information systems infrastructure will  determine whether the so-called “Nexus of Forces” will make deployment and adoption of a culture of performance management across the organisation more likely.

In any event, any software adopted should have these capabilities if desired and suitable for the client.

Cortell’s experience is that Strategic CPM is relevant to all sizes and types of organisation – all of whom have to perform at least as well or better than their competition.

Read the full article on the Gartner website.