CAPEX Planning and Reporting

Cortell presents a solution for the planning of capital expenditure (budgeting, forecasting and reporting) on a project level that can roll up into your organisations reporting or responsibility structures.

Capital expenditure is provision made for major future purchases, and the life of the expenses often extends beyond the financial period in which they are made. Because these costs can only be recovered over time through depreciation, companies ordinarily budget for CAPEX purchases separately from the operational budget.

The common types of capital expenditure include a multitude of expensive assets, tools, and components that are prevalent in South Africa’s business landscape. Mining, manufacture, and more rely on large purchases to maintain and improve their infrastructure.

  • Plant and equipment purchases
  • Building expansion and improvements
  • Hardware purchases, such as computers
  • Vehicles to transport goods

Budgeting for CAPEX

  • Simplify budget requests with a one-page e-form.
  • Make, review, and approve requests with ease
  • Define your own organisational workflow
  • Simply exclude or include budgeted projects in your budget submission

Forecasting for CAPEX

  • Integrate with your ERP
  • Incorporate your actual spend on purchases or projects
  • Commence forecasting on a project-based schedule
  • Cater for unforseen capital expenditure
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Report and forecast to any level of detail

 Your solution can be implemented to suit your exact reporting requirements, for simpler and more accurate, multi-level reports.

Budget and Forecast for Capital Expenditure, Intelligently

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