Cortell's Intelligent Business Solutions

Streamline your Reporting processes

Cortell offers you consultation on the streamlining and integration of all financial reporting, including:

  • Financial close, consolidation and statutory reporting.
  • Stakeholder reporting
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Narrative Reporting

You Need Full Financial Reporting, including Management and Statutory Reporting, from Multiple Angles

Financial results are important to your existing and potential investors; however, there are many other operational issues which contribute to the success of the organisation, that are not revealed in these reports.

We provide solutions for Statutory and Management Reporting that work across consolidated financials to give you the views you need, for the audience required.

Get Innovative Statutory and Stakeholder Reporting

Our narrative and disclosure management solution enables any organisation to automate the collection of data in a single, dynamic reporting and analysis environment.

Participants in different departments can collaborate on the assembly of complex reports, working independently while ensuring that proper controls and approvals are in place.

Streamline your Financial Reporting

Make Management and Statutory Financial Reports Accurate in Multiple Formats

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    Your organisation faces a more dynamic and demanding financial reporting environment, driven by both internal and external stakeholders. 

    The number, complexity and frequency of reports that you need to issue is growing, and reporting is expanding to combine more financial and non-financial aspects.

    Make your Reporting Efficient, Reliable, and Quick

    Answer the right questions, and supply accurate data

    Enjoy Expert Management Financial Reporting

    Reporting to operations management and the board of directors is the culmination of the performance management cycle of planning, budgeting, monitoring, analysing and forecasting disciplines.

    The Objective of Cortell’s Management Financial Reporting Solution

    To highlight progress against your changing business objectives, to support the strategy and key drivers identified in the performance management cycle.

    Management reports need to answer the questions of what operational factors are driving the business’s performance from time to time.

    Our automated solution enables users to merge enterprise data with a focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

    Simplify and Streamline your Reporting Process

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