Cortell's Intelligent Business Solutions

Capitalise on Efficient and Practical Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

To achieve something strategic, you need proper planning, allocation of resources, support from the employees, and continuous monitoring of progress towards short-term and long-term goals.

We help your business to implement a financial model for driver-based planning, budgeting, performance reporting and scenario analysis.

Start using specialist software which allows collaboration between your business and Cortell’s expert team. We will help you to construct a financial model which mirrors the operating model of the organisation and identifies the key drivers of the enterprise.

Planning and Budgeting with Split-View, Multiple Versions, and Digital Results:

You can have multiple copies or versions of the model populated via a workflow-driven and authorised budget-setting processes, with your actual results available digitally.

Your operational systems can be updated by the model using budgets and forecasts.

Performance Reporting

Keep a consistent eye on your performance with real-time, multi-view performance reporting, for whichever stakeholder requires it.


Simplify the ways in which you examine the performance of your organisation with scorecards and accurate data.

Profitability Reporting and Analysis

Get a complete and current view of your performance in terms of profitability, and optimise based on accurate data.

Scenario Planning

Create scenarios and input real-time data to give accurate and effective scenario plans and analyses.

Cash Flow Forecasts

Keep your business running efficiently with cash flow forecasts that allow a structured approach to budgeting.

Get Better Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

Contact us to get more information on how our BI solutions can improve your organisation's planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities.

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    The model and its associated rules-engine support multiple hierarchies and multi-dimensional self-service reporting. This gives you the optimum planning and budgeting solutions.

    We’re a specialist consultancy with IBM Gold-Level Partner status that implements BI Solutions and Performance Management systems to improve agility, accuracy, speed, and predictability in your business reporting, planning, and forecasting.

    Implement a Rolling Forecast, Simply

    Our specialised planning and forecasting solutions allow simple creation and comparison of multiple scenarios in real time.

    Optimise your Management Team’s Time and Energy

    Allow all members to focus on arriving at the most accurate forecast, without the distraction of excess administrative tasks.

    Use Better Planning and Budgeting Models

    However large and complex your model, the right tools will consolidated your financial information, and allow all calculations to be updated by authorised users from the top down, or bottom up, in real time.

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    Step up your game

    Get efficient and powerful planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities

    Allow your organisation to move away from the traditional annual budgeting exercise and work with a 13-month rolling operating plan.

    You diligently plan, budget and monitor your progress towards goals. Dig deeper with Scenario Analytics and Scorecards to discover the cause and effect of non-performance to support your business strategy.

    The insights gained from regular monitoring of performance against plans and objectives provide input to compare multiple scenarios, driven by assumptions of external influences on the organisation.

    Focus on long-term thinking

    The scope of this analysis ranges from guided multi-dimensional analysis and self-service dashboards and trend reports in collaboration with colleagues to predictive analytics, which uses historical information to predict the most likely outcome given certain information parameters.