Robotic Process Automation

Cortell brings you the most intuitive robotic process automation available on the market. The Automation Anywhere solution gives you an instantly scalable application with bots on demand, bank-grade security architecture, and centralised governance and compliance controls.

Build an enterprise digital workforce with RPA, AI, and Analytics in a complete Robotics Process Automation platform.

Robotic Process Automation
RPA is robotic process automation, a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots or on artificial intelligence /digital workers. It is also referred to as software robotics.

Business process automation must be in the hands of your front line. Only Automation Anywhere Enterprise combines a consumer-friendly user interface with enterprise-class reliability, plus the security to empower real-time self-automation of your digital workforce.

How Robotic Process Automation Works

RPA, AI, and Analytics
Robotic Process AUtomation

Improve flexibility, agility, and work-readiness with smart bots, for discovery, intelligence, and insights into your business data, documents, and more.

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by Automation Anywhere

What can AI bots do for your business?

Discovery Bots

Discovery Bots

AI-powered discovery finds your best automation opportunities

Fast track automation with AI that uncovers processes and creates bots

  • Discover processes with AI
  • Prioritise your automation opportunities
  • Create and deploy bots automatically

IQ Bots

AI-powered document extraction

Extract data from complex documents from a wide variety of formats

Transform unstructured and hidden data with AI that can learn on its own

  • Extract data from complex documents from a wide variety of formats with the power of AI.
  • Integrate with RPA seamlessly to build bots and automate your entire business workflow for end-to-end intelligent automation.

Bot Insight

RPA Analytics that dig deeper

Bot InsightTM is the only analytics platform to deliver both operational and business intelligence, in the moment.

Real-time RPA analytics delivered at the bot, process and business levels

  • Your digital workforce is bringing back complete information on not only what it does but also what it encounters along the way.
  • Everything is recorded and visible to the enterprise, anytime.
  • The most advanced RPA analytics reveal what’s meaningful and predict what’s next.

Ready-made bots

Save time an money with bought-not-built

Turbocharge your automation journey with Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store, the world’s largest RPA marketplace.

Shorten your time to value with an incredible selection of pre-built intelligent automation solutions.

  • Accelerate ROI on RPA initiatives – Develop and deploy automation projects up to 70% faster by leveraging pre-built automation.
  • Reduce RPA total-cost-of-ownership – Bot Store helps organizations recognize up to a 50% reduction in development, maintenance, and risk costs.
  • Crowdsource RPA expertise – Leverage the global ecosystem of process experts, API developers, and partners.