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Meet Your Objectives with Scenario Analytics and Scorecards

You diligently plan, budget and monitor your progress towards goals. Dig deeper with Scenario Analytics and Scorecards to discover the cause and effect of non-performance to support your business strategy.

The insights gained from regular monitoring of performance against plans and objectives provide input to compare multiple scenarios, driven by assumptions of external influences on the organisation.

Scenario and Predictive Analytics

The Best BI Information Platform for Your Business

Cortell uses special techniques and software for information integration and reorganisation to create an information platform for analysis. With versatile modelling tools, Cortell consultants make it simpler for you to prepare budgets and evaluate progress against expected performance are effective in the running of multiple scenarios before a final decision on the new forecast for the next performance management cycle is made.

Improve Your Foresight

with Expert Financial and Operational Analytics Solutions

The scope of this analysis ranges from guided multi-dimensional analysis and self-service dashboards and trend reports in collaboration with colleagues to predictive analytics, which uses historical information to predict the most likely outcome given certain information parameters.

Start Using Predictive Analytics in Your Business

Find out how to make scenario planning, forecasting and analytics more intuitive with our advanced solutions


Cortell is an IBM Gold-Level Business Partner providing Operational Performance Management SolutionsWe’re a specialist consultancy with IBM Gold-Level Partner status that implements BI Solutions and Performance Management systems to improve agility, accuracy, speed, and predictability in your business reporting, planning, and forecasting.

Engage at a Higher Level with Scenario Analytics and Scorecards

Engage at a higher level within your organisation with data science, predictive analytics, and machine-learning.

Deploy insights into business processes
Hands-on predictive analytics
The full breadth of predictive analytics techniques
Open source statistical software tools

Package Scenario Analytics with OPM

See the connection between Operational Performance Management and Scenario Analytics and Scorecards

Join Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting with Exceptional Analytics

See the connection between Scenario and Predictive Analytics and Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting.