To maintain your output in the age of constant and fluid innovation, you need to be able to rely on your business data. Often, when our financial teams focus on the bottom line and overall profit of our business without analytics or modelling capabilities, we do not have the numbers on our side

How do you ensure that your Business Intelligence is, in fact, feeding your Corporate IQ?


Data infuses intelligence into every business.

It empowers business leaders and helps them make timely decisions, which in turn fuels growth and enables organizations to have a competitive advantage. As the benefits of making data-driven decisions and gaining meaningful insights from data become clearer, nearly every business leader today is looking for an analytics solution. They need solutions that can quickly churn massive data sets into meaningful and trustworthy insights.

Deepthi Nagarajan

WW Product Marketing Manager – Unified Governance and Integration, IBM


The quote above gives us a solid place to begin: intelligent businesses use trusted data to give actionable insights.


We’ve discussed this in detail before: Our complement of BI software and expert consultants gives you an edge in your business, by relying on the rock-solid data and information that helps your business to focus on what’s important.

We drive, monitor, and enhance Corporate IQ by:

  • Providing a collaborative process which ensures that all key players are aligned around the strategy of the organisation
  • Driving better decisions by creating a two-way flow between finance and functional departments
  • Improving the validity of forecasts via collaboration in real time and a better understanding of the future via scenario analysis
  • Improving agility to adjust to changing market and customer conditions



In order to improve your processes and collaborate across your organisation to keep up with the rate of change in your industry, you need innovation, but you also need a stable, trusted base off which to base your decisions.

With the right combination of planning, forecasting, budgeting, and analytical tools at your disposal, you can ensure that your processes allow you more flexibility with greater accuracy:

  • Gain forward-looking insights
  • Plan in an interactive workspace
  • Perform what-if analysis
  • Leverage your MS Excel skills
  • Choose a deployment to fit your business


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