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Why Choose FP&A from Cortell?

We provide comprehensive financial planning and analytics solutions for dynamic functionality, agility, and automation promoting efficiency and productivity.

Data Integration Made Easier with IBM Analytics

Data Integration Made Easier with IBM Planning Analytics

Solution Brief: Extracting data from multiple data sources to speed and simplify your planning

IBM Planning Analytics Video Thumbnail portrait

IBM Planning Analytics Video

A single solution for better business decisions:

Reduce cycle time by 50%, and forecast accuracy by 20%, simply by implementing IBM Planning Analytics in your business.

IBM Planning Analytics overview DEMO portrait

IBM Planning Analytics Demo

Get started with IBM planning analytics, and start planning with insight.

Reduce cycle time by 50%, and forecast accuracy by 20%.

The Next Wave of Business Intelligence

Companies that succeed in the new data revolution will be the ones who embrace the changes and make quick, confident, data-driven decisions. Download the whitepaper now.

Why Choose IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1

Why Choose IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1?

The all-new IBM Cognos Analytics is the first version that infuses advanced analytics and AI automation through the whole user experience.

IBM Planning Analytics application to speed and simplify lease reporting under IFRS 16

Easier compliance and smarter decision making for IFRS 16, with the help of the IBM Planning Analytics application.

We’re a specialist consultancy with IBM Partner status that implements BI Solutions and Performance Management systems to improve agility, accuracy, speed, and predictability in your business reporting, planning, and forecasting.