COVID Lockdown Regulations: Implications on Business, and How to Mitigate the Trauma.

Each time the lockdown is adjusted, or a new regulation is passed, businesses countrywide need to adjust, adapt, and strap in for a new ride. How do you ensure that you aren’t flogging a dead horse (your finance department) to ensure your stakeholders stay updated and that you plan for the (not-so-distant) future accurately?

Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A)

The future of planning and analysis solutions By Michael McGeein Originally published by IBM, April 28, 2021 We live in an era of digital transformation where disruption is always at the door — especially as it relates to optimizing the power of data to inspire informed decision-making. To not just survive, but thrive, you need […]

Beyond finance: 10 ways of driving your business objectives with FP&A

In 2013, The Global Treasurer published an article titled “A New Era for FP&A”. The focus was on business demands after the 2008 financial crisis, and how FP&A can help your business to manage the changing economy. Seven years later, this proves useful to us again, and now, we look at the same challenges in […]

Planning for the US election-based change in South African business finance

Before the US election, analysts at Morgan Stanley, quoted by Reuters, said that investors should position for a year-end rally in emerging market currencies including the rand. This is great news for South Africa, as the US’s stimulus packages and improved relations with China will benefit our economy in a multitude of ways, with a […]

AI in Corporate Finance – the benefits & impact on your business

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, global industry and business are being transformed. This digital transformation has changed multitudes of corporations and businesses for the better, creating lean, efficient processes, and reduced grunt-work for employees. The financial sector has seen these same developments, as have accounting and finance departments in all industries. The AI […]

FP&A implementation, Agility, and Market Response – Where your business stands

With current world markets in a state of flux, and supply chains under immense pressure on a global scale, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that you have the capability to quickly and accurately plan and revise your forecasts, income, and expenses within your business. However, it seems that around the world, the uptake […]

3 Pillars of Managing Business and Finance in uncertain times

Uncertainty around how long our situation the past months have left us with will take to recover from increases the complexity of formulating a concise response. One thing is apparent: it is critical that businesses are proactive in assessing their risk and vulnerability from both an operational and a financial health standpoint. Beyond that, sustainable […]

Augmented Intelligence and the “Unknown Unknowns” in business, FP&A, and the global economy.

The global economy is still reeling from world governments’ responses to the COVID crisis, and, as such, global business is tentatively feeling out their way forward from a massive hit. In South Africa, if the economy is to rally,  we’ll need to enter a recovery phase for business and government alike. Now is the time […]

What is financial planning, and why is it critical now?

Financial planning is the allocating of funds and determining how a business will achieve different goals and objectives o. Financial planning is almost as important as setting up a business. This is a necessity for any business belonging to any industry. Not all businesses adopt financial planning, especially small businesses who have a limited budget […]

Modern FP&A best practices and your business

What Are Best Practices? Best practices are the gold standard to which you should strive for maximum success. Your Financial Planning and Analytics suite can help you take steps to comply with your industry standard.  How Best Practices Work Best practices serve as a general framework for a variety of situations. For instance, in businesses […]