South Africa, COVID-19 and your Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), and Why Do We Need It Now? We can’t avoid it: with the recent downgrade to junk by Moodys and a global crisis under COVID-19, now more than ever we need to have our houses in order. This is where the investment into intelligent and multi-functional FP&A software […]

Let’s Talk About Load-Shedding: What can your OPEX learn from Eskom?

Eskom is in the news again, this time with reference to the new Integrated Resource Plan which has been devised in order to allow for diversified power sources, reduced operational expenditure within Eskom, and a general restructuring of Eskom divisions. You may be thinking “Yes, they’re idiots, but that has nothing to do with our [...]

Capital Expenditure in South Africa: Bucking the world trend in telecommunications

CAPEX has taken a nosedive on a global stage recently, due to uncertainty in economies from the US across the pond to the UK. There have been multiple influences that have helped to create this result, with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act being instituted in the US, trade uncertainties, Brexit, the US-China trade war, [...]

IFRS 16 in South Africa: 10 Questions you should be asking gives a concise summary of the reasoning behind the move to the new IFRS 16 standard: "The objective of IFRS 16 is to report information that (a) faithfully represents lease transactions and (b) provides a basis for users of financial statements to assess the amount, timing and uncertainty of cash flows arising from leases. [...]

Improve your Process with Constant Innovation and Rock Solid Business Data.

To maintain your output in the age of constant and fluid innovation, you need to be able to rely on your business data. Often, when our financial teams focus on the bottom line and overall profit of our business without analytics or modelling capabilities, we do not have the numbers on our side How do [...]

Changing the BI Game with Intelligent Business Solutions

A great number of seminars, workshops, and learning sessions around the world focus on the improvement of business with intelligent business solutions, aimed at becoming an industry leader. Hear how our clients are changing the game in their industries. Where did they see opportunity? What challenges did they overcome? What winning play is giving them [...]

Driver-Based Planning for Financial Teams: The What, Why, and How.

Host Analytics defines driver-based planning perfectly: The goal of driver-based planning is to focus business plans on the factors that are most critical to driving success, then creating mathematical models that enable managers to run scenarios based on these drivers to understand the impact on projected business results. In short, driver-based planning allows you to plan with […]

XBRL: International Best Practice, Global Reporting, and your Business.

We’ve discussed how XBRL was developed by a global consortium with an aim to standardise financial reporting and simplify sharing, analysis, and forecasting of global business by freeing up the access to business data. If you’re a global business or are looking at expanding across borders, the international best practices and global reporting formats offered [...]

The Implementation Process That Gives You In-House XBRL-Printing Capability.

XBRL is coming soon, and the standardised reporting format will likely become a requirement across multiple reporting and regulatory bodies. This means you’ll need to implement a solution that benefits your business in the long term. How are You Implementing XBRL Reporting in Your Business? There are three ways you could be doing XBRL reporting [...]

XBRL: The Barcode of Financial Reporting.

South African businesses know that the reporting formats for the CIPC are changing, and with this change, other regulatory bodies will be following suit. We’ve discussed the reasons that the CIPC has made the move, and the CDM / XBRL implementation that gives you in-house, automated control of your reports.   Now, we outline the […]