Cortell Solutions: Enhancing Corporate IQ

We bring together technology, specialist software applications from IBM, proven practice, and a broad range of financial and business skills.

Cortell works with your organisation to improve your decision-making processes which inform and support your management teams and other key stakeholders. 

We agree to specific and measurable objectives to enable the flow of pertinent information and analytics to key decision makers within the organisation.

We bring together technology; specialist software applications from IBM; proven practice; and a broad range of financial and business skills.  In addition, we optimise the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and database investments.

Cortell uses cloud-hosted or on-premises IBM software products in the crafting of our solutions:

  • IBM Planning Analytics
  • IBM Cognos Controller
  • IBM Cognos Analytics

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Cortell is an IBM Gold-Level Business Partner providing BI SolutionsWe’re a specialist consultancy with IBM Gold-Level Partner status that implements BI Solutions and Performance Management systems to improve agility, accuracy, speed, and predictability in your business reporting, planning, and forecasting.

Our IT, finance, and analytics experts act as consultants on each project and work with the client appointed team. Cortell enables the delivery of a fully integrated, customised and, above all, intelligent solution to help save time and costs. We drive, monitor, and enhance Corporate IQ by:

  • Providing a collaborative process which ensures that all key players are aligned around the strategy of the organisation
  • Driving better decisions by creating a two-way flow between finance and functional departments
  • Improving the validity of forecasts via collaboration in real time and a better understanding of the future via scenario analysis
  • Improving agility to adjust to changing market and customer conditions

Why should your organisation partner with Cortell?

  • Cortell has an excellent track record of successful projects and gaining client advocates. We will always offer client references which are most pertinent to the project we are bidding for, but all our client base is available for reference if their policies allow this.
  • Cortell specialises in the building and delivery of decision support, performance reporting and statutory financial reporting solutions. Our subject expertise is high and accompanied by values which put client success at the centre of everything we do.
  • Our solution methodology is designed to keep our client informed and in close collaboration with the Cortell consulting team.
  • Cortell mitigates risk for our clients by staging every project through a clearly mapped set of deliverables to be accepted by our client before the next stage is started.
  • Cortell regularly and critically evaluates our principal vendor’s programs and support against the most relevant market competitors and our own high expectations of a global software supplier.
  • Software product capability and innovation are evaluated for ongoing development of:
    • Technical excellence for performance, scalability, information management and offering delivery.
    • Self-service data modelling, analytics and smart reporting.
    • Ability to incorporate advanced analytics and cognitive computing ability.