Financing a Cortell Solution

Using IBM Global Financing for your technology-driven business solutions allows you to make the best funding choice for your organisation.
IBM Global Financing Globe

IBM Global Financing (IGF) offers to finance all IBM product and certified partner-services dominant solutions so that your implementation doesn’t have to wait.

The financing covers Cortell’s solutions for hardware, software and implementation services for:

  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Management and Statutory Financial Reporting
  • Operational Performance Management
  • Scenario Analytics and Scorecards

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“IBM Global Financing provides financial service excellence, to accelerate value from technology and help you achieve the next best thing. The benefits of IBM Global Financing can contribute 2-3 times higher Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and shorten the payback period by 5-20 percent when compared to making upfront payments, according to analysis by Cabot Partners.”

Customised Financing with IBM

Get the full range of options available for your Cortell solution.

IBM offers a wide range of leases and loans for any business requirement, giving you flexibility, options to expand or reduce your implementation, and strategic benefits that complement your business need.