Cortell partners with IBM to bring you Intelligent, Integrated Business Solutions.

With software solutions and financing, IBM brings you the full opportunity to improve your business processes. Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics, and Cognos Controller encompass the FPM software tools to improve your performance.

IBM Planning Analytics

IBM® Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1, automates your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes.
  • Full functionality of spreadsheets
  • Eliminates manual tasks to drive efficiency.
  • Accesses all your data
  • Integrates financial results and analysis with operational plans for faster execution.
  • Dynamic planning and analytics workspace for information modelling and insights
  • Compelling visualisations
  • Predictive capabilities and what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions.
  • Allows you to create timely, reliable plans to take action on your data insight.

The Tour of IBM Planning Analytics

Watch the Video for a Tour and Overview of IBM Planning Analytics