For any organisation to achieve something strategic, sustainable or key to success takes proper planning, allocation of resources, support from the employees, and continuous monitoring of progress towards short-term and long-term goals.

Unique Planning and Budgeting Solutions

Cortell consultants use specialist software which allows us to work with our client’s planning and budgeting teams to construct a financial model which mirrors the operating model of the organisation and identifies the key drivers of the enterprise.

The model may be large and complex, yet it allows all calculations to be affected or changed by properly authorised users from the top down, or bottom up, in real time.

Multiple copies or versions of the model may be populated via a workflow-driven and authorised budget-setting process, or actual results may be extracted digitally from operational systems. Operational systems may also be updated by the model with budgets, forecasts, etc.

The model, and associated rules engine, supports multiple hierarchies and multi-dimensional self-service reporting for performance reporting, scorecards, profitability reporting and analysis, scenario planning, cash flow forecasts, and so on, thus ensuring Cortell’s clients the optimum planning and budgeting solutions.

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