Organizations face a more dynamic and demanding reporting environment, driven by both internal and external stakeholders. The number, complexity and frequency of reports that companies issue is growing, and reporting is expanding to combine more financial and non-financial aspects.

Non-financial reporting, such as sustainability and integrated reports increasingly have to be assembled, and reporting also needs to include forward-looking elements.

Similar information needs to be collated in different formats for different audiences.

Innovative Statuary and Stakeholder Reporting

Cortell’s narrative and disclosure management solution enables any organization to automate the collection of data in a single, dynamic reporting and analysis environment. Multiple participants in different departments can collaborate in the assembly of complex reports, working independently while ensuring that proper controls and approvals are in place.

By connecting directly to the data source (such as Excel or an accounting database source), financial numbers are automatically updated, ensuring a single version of the truth and confidence in the narrative report. This automation solution enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

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