3 Pillars of Managing Business and Finance in uncertain times

Uncertainty around how long our situation the past months have left us with will take to recover from increases the complexity of formulating a concise response. One thing is apparent: it is critical that businesses are proactive in assessing their risk and vulnerability from both an operational and a financial health standpoint. Beyond that, sustainable […]

Augmented Intelligence and the “Unknown Unknowns” in business, FP&A, and the global economy.

The global economy is still reeling from world governments’ responses to the COVID crisis, and, as such, global business is tentatively feeling out their way forward from a massive hit. In South Africa, if the economy is to rally,  we’ll need to enter a recovery phase for business and government alike. Now is the time […]

COVID Lockdown Regulations: Implications on Business, and How to Mitigate the Trauma.

Each time the lockdown is adjusted, or a new regulation is passed, businesses countrywide need to adjust, adapt, and strap in for a new ride. How do you ensure that you aren’t flogging a dead horse (your finance department) to ensure your stakeholders stay updated and that you plan for the (not-so-distant) future accurately?

South Africa, COVID-19 and your Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), and Why Do We Need It Now? We can’t avoid it: with the recent downgrade to junk by Moodys and a global crisis under COVID-19, now more than ever we need to have our houses in order. This is where the investment into intelligent and multi-functional FP&A software […]