AI in Corporate Finance – the benefits & impact on your business

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, global industry and business are being transformed. This digital transformation has changed multitudes of corporations and businesses for the better, creating lean, efficient processes, and reduced grunt-work for employees. The financial sector has seen these same developments, as have accounting and finance departments in all industries. The AI […]

3 Pillars of Managing Business and Finance in uncertain times

Uncertainty around how long our situation the past months have left us with will take to recover from increases the complexity of formulating a concise response. One thing is apparent: it is critical that businesses are proactive in assessing their risk and vulnerability from both an operational and a financial health standpoint. Beyond that, sustainable […]

Driver-Based Planning for Financial Teams: The What, Why, and How.

Host Analytics defines driver-based planning perfectly: The goal of driver-based planning is to focus business plans on the factors that are most critical to driving success, then creating mathematical models that enable managers to run scenarios based on these drivers to understand the impact on projected business results. In short, driver-based planning allows you to plan with […]

Real-Life FPM: Your Staff, Automation, and Efficiency

Accidents happen. If you’re working with a manual financial reporting system, with little to no automation, they tend to happen a little more often. We call this human error, and it happens for a number of reasons: Multiple editors of reports, and too much constant churn of information Incorrect source data and insufficient checks Employee […]

Introduction to Real-Life FPM: Growing Your Organisation

With a plethora of blogs available on financial performance management and reporting, or FPM, it should be much easier to see the exact benefits that an automated system has for your organisation. Much of what is shared, however, is a tribute to the FPM software involved, not a comprehensive breakdown of the facts and benefits. […]